Yosemite National Park

After what we felt to be a very successful photo workshop on the east side of the Sierras, we headed over Tioga Pass for a visit to Yosemite Valley.  This was probably my 6th visit to the valley, so I had a basic idea of the lay of the land, but I wasn’t prepared for the high volumes of people or the heat.  Before I had generally visited in either the spring or the fall when kids were in school and temperatures were cooler.  Since we weren’t prepared to do any real hiking, we were faced with doing all the touristy spots along with everyone else.  Guess I knew that would happen, but . . .  on top of that we ended up in the worst motel I’ve ever stayed in – primarily because I was looking for something close to the park entrance and inexpensive.  Had we been willing to drive further or pay more, I’m sure we would have done much better.

Even so, we came, we saw and got some photos, and that was our intent.  My favorite time was when we drove up to Glacier Point to wait for the sunset.  By then, most of the other people were gone and the temperature was more bearable!

Here is a sampling of what I shot that day. For the complete gallery, click here.

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