Westport, Washington

Wow – after our fall adventures of 2009 I really thought we’d get the Westy out on the road again after the holidays, but one thing led to another and it just never happened.  By January I had to begin my Iditarod recruiting, and at the end of February I few to Anchorage for the race.  I got home in late March, but various commitments kept us from getting out on a trip.  In May we took a 3 day trip to Victoria, but in the car to stay with a cousin, so no camping.  Next thing we knew it was time to head to Alaska again for another tour season.  The poor Westy has just been sitting in the garage, waiting to get rolling again.

Finally in September, 2010 I returned from Alaska and we started prepping to take the Westy out again.  We started with a short 2 night trip to the ocean on September 30th.  We camped at a US Coast Guard campground in Westport, WA, under a lighthouse.  We were the only ones in the campground, but also found that only one site had its power working.  As it turned out, the site with power was probably the best one in the campground since it was right under the lighthouse.  We spent the first afternoon/evening enjoying the beautiful late-afternoon sunshine at the boat harbor.  The next day we took a walk to the ocean and tried to take a bike ride.  I say tried, because Dale’s back tire blew before we even got out of the campground!!  So we drove around and checked out some more sights and took some more photos.

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