Visiting Eugene

We left home on Saturday afternoon about 1:00 and got to our friends’ home in Eugene, Oregon in time to go out to dinner and watch the tail end of the Oregon/Arizona football game, which Oregon won.  We would have left the house earlier, but the final packing took a little longer than we planned for.  It’s crazy how much stuff you can cram into one of these Vanagons.  And of course, we have the 2 cats with us and all their paraphernalia.  (More on the cats later.)

Sunday was a lazy day just hanging with Kurt and Karla and then a trip to a local park.  The weather has been pretty nice.  Mostly sunny with a few scattered showers.  We had a nice dinner at home on Saturday night.  Then in the evening I helped Karla set up a basic web site for her new business plan.  She plans to start a transcription business.

Monday looks like a sunny day in Eugene and we’ll be heading for the Oregon coast and then continue south.  We need to pack up our stuff and get on the road.  But first, here a couple photos we took while visiting in Eugene.

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