Mt St Helens Wildflowers

On July 1, I took a drive up to Mt St Helens, Johnston Ridge to photograph wildflowers. I found the easiest place to go for flowers was Loowit Point which is just before you get to the Johnston Ridge visitor center. From there I then hiked 3/4 mile up to the Johnston Ridge Observatory. It’s an easy hike, but the best flowers are right around the Loowit Point viewpoint.

It’s hard to know what the exact best time go head up to St Helens for wildflowers, but you’re generally guaranteed to find some in late June through the first week of July or so.  They come much sooner than the flowers at Mt Rainier since it’s a lower elevation.  Next time I go, I’ll try to time my trip so that it’s a new moon and stay for some night shooting.  Johnston Ridge should be a good location to photograph the milky way.

BTW, the best hamburgers are at Patty’s Place at 19 Mile House.  Hit it on the way up or on your way home, but don’t miss it!  The fruit cobbles are excellent too.

Here is a sampling of what I shot that day. For the complete gallery, click here.

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