Family Trip to San Juan Island

I have two sisters and a brother and although we all live in Washington state we are spread out far enough that we rarely see each other. Usually the only time we all get together is Christmas at our parents house, and even then my sister in Spokane usually won’t do the drive over the mountains in the winter. (Can’t say I blame her!)  So when brother Bruce and his wife Tina invited the whole family to spend some time together in July at their place on San Juan Island, we all made it a priority to try to get there. Dale and I and Kim and Lee brought our VW camper vans to sleep in. Others slept in the main house, the guest shack or Bruce’s VW camper. It was cool to see 3 Westfalias; red, white and blue parked in the driveway! Very appropriate for the week of July 4th! Even our cousin, Delcie from Victoria rode the ferry down to see everyone. A few of our kids and grandchildren were there too along with several dogs. In the evening we had a great campfire with the music of a guitar, a couple Bruce’s African drums, and some rather weak singing.

The weather was perfect and everyone had a great time. Dale and I took a drive one day to explore the island and look for photographs. The photos below include some of those, but the full gallery also has some family photos for my siblings to enjoy.

Here is a sampling of what I shot on this outing. For the complete gallery, click here.

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